Monday, 18 January 2016

Results of 'Pauline's Inky Workshop' 17.01.16

What a fantastic day, and even though there was some snow,
 loads of lovely people came to play, thank you all.
 The results of the day were stunning pieces of artwork, well done,
we all had a fantastic day, with lots of inky mess and laughs, 
here's to the next one.

Sorry about the fuzzy photo's, I had the camera on the 
wrong setting......dohhhh !!!!!

I think everyone must have gone for a biccie !!!!

This was the naughty table..........

Didn't they all do well.
Hugs, Pauline


  1. There's some lovely artwork here. Looks like a fun time. Xx

  2. What a wonderful day it was too at the naughty table! Lol! It was fantastic fun and I had a wonderful time... Lovely birthday treat too, thanks Julie (Bezzie) and Pauline... I have lots to learn from you! Love you lady! Xxxx

  3. what fab makes. wish i was there. could you have a workshop on a day i could come please? xx

  4. That are beautiful cards your "students" have made. Looks like it was a fun workshop.

  5. What gorgeous colours & creations! Looks like everyone had a really fun day. Look forward to seeing what projects you do at your next one 😊
    Amy xxx

  6. Great results, well done everyone x

  7. I throughly enjoy myself every time I go. What's best is that everyone is so friendly and helpful. The community hall Pauline uses is fully wheelchair accessible (so I have no problems accessing the building inside and outside). There's no pressure on completing your projects. It's a fantastic day had by all. Thanks Pauline for such wonderful days I wouldn't miss them for the world, except for my holidays that is. Love you babe xx