Monday, 25 September 2017

Pauline's Inky Workshop, Warwick 17.09.17 'The Results'

These are the fabulous results, from the Inky Workshop held at Warwick on 17.09.17. It was a super day, full of laughter and creativity, and just look at stunning artwork that my lovely talented friends came up with.

These are small canvases .......

and these were a bit of watercolour painting.......

And then Brusho's and Visible Image Stamps......

Aren't the results fantastic. The next Inky Workshop in Warwick, will be on Sunday October 29th, we will be touching on the 'C' word, so snow may be involved, lol !!!!!
Huge hugs, Pauline xxxx


  1. Hi Pauline all the makes are stunning. It must have been a wonderful workshop. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  2. Each of these are just beautiful! I am trying to figure out how the first ones were done... are they inked die cuts on a colored background?

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