Monday, 15 June 2015

Pauline's Inky Workshop, June 14th 2015.....The results.

What a fantastic day, I had a brilliant time, sharing a few techniques with a group of very enthusiastic Crafters, the results are amazing, well done to all of you.......

My youngest recruit, and an awesome Crafter, the lovely Maisie.

I think you have to agree, that my lovely crafty crew made fabulous cards.

My next 'Inky Workshop', will be on Sunday 23rd August, samples still to be made, but I'm going to have a holiday first, lol.
 If you are interested in joining us. please email me at

Hugs, Pauline xxxxxx


  1. It was an absolutely fantastic day, you are an awesome teacher which is why everyone produces such good results. Thanks a Pauline and roll on to the next one when we get to see Eileen. xx 😄

  2. Beautiful results. Next time, I hope. xx Maggie

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